The following Cassettes & CDs are the major ones released over the years:
  • ‘Aesthetics’ Vol.-2, an audio CD of Hindustani classical music (Khayal, Thumri)-2010.
  • ‘Aesthetics’ Vol.-1, an audio CD of Hindustani classical music (Khayal, Thumri, Bhajan)-2010.
  • “Samay Sar”, “Chhedhala”, and “Dravya Sangraha” recorded in a set of six cassettes by Rajshri Productions, Mumbai.
  • EP Disc of Bhajans, by HMV
  • “Nadaniyan” (A special Audio Cassette on AIDS) presented by the Synodical Board of Health Services, Church of North India.
  • Rag Ras Barase, NCERT (A set of 10 cassettes on 60 Ragas) recorded to impart the basic knowledge of Ragas of Hindustani Classical Music to the children.
  • Mahavir Vardhman – an album released on 2600th birth anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir (2001-02)
Track Listing
1. Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal)
    Raga Kalawati
2. Light Classical Music (Thumri)
    Raga Khamaj
3. Devotional Music
4. Light Music
Links to clippings of performances on YouTube